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Your Most Memorable Professional Mistakes

Anthony Balderrama, CareerBuilder Writer

Some nightmares from your school days will never go away. Whether you graduated from high school this year or two decades ago, some anxiety will always haunt you. Waking up and remembering you forgot to write a research paper. Walking down a hall of lockers and realizing you’re not wearing pants. Oversleeping on exam day and thereby being ineligible to pass the class.

Only once you’ve woken up and realized it was all a dream do you exhale and the cold chills fade. Still, you’ll never escape these nightmares. They keep coming back time after time.

Perhaps the only thing worse than being haunted by nightmares is being haunted by mistakes you can’t undo. And if you’ve been in the working world for long enough you’re bound to commit such a gaffe. Whether it’s a small mistake, such as spilling ketchup on your tie, or a significant error, like accepting an offer for a job you know you’ll hate, everyone has a few mistakes in their closet.

We asked some professionals to let us know what some of their biggest professional mistakes are. Some are minor, others are major, and several are in between. Regardless, at least you know that you’re not alone in your missteps.

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How to Address an Annoying Co-Worker’s Behaviour

Anthony Balderrama, CareerBuilder Writer

The phrase “We need to talk” is as uncomfortable to say as it is to hear. Few people enjoy delivering bad news, and even fewer people enjoy dealing with its aftermath. Whether you’re breaking up with someone or telling your boss that you’re quitting, the moments (or days) that follow are uncomfortable.

The awkward conversation is made even worse when you’ll inevitably see the person you’re talking to on a frequent basis. Unfortunately that’s the situation many workers face when their colleagues are getting on their nerves and they can’t take it anymore. A conversation needs to happen, but how do you go about it?

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