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The 5 most in-demand creative jobs

Creative jobsSusan Ricker, CareerBuilder Writer

 If you think creative jobs such as design or writing are impossible gigs to get, think again. Creative staffing agency Vitamin T compiled the top five most in-demand creative jobs in North America, as well as the skills needed to get the job. Companies of every size and type need creative individuals to help their business grow, and these roles top the list of most needed.

 “We’ve seen a surge of new job opportunities in the creative space requiring high-demand digital skills,” says Susie Hall, president of Vitamin T. “Our fastest-growing areas are creative talent who bring strong user experience and frontend development skills, with growth rates of 51 and 75 percent respectively over the prior year.”

 Here are the five most in-demand creative jobs*:

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Quiz: Is your cover letter like a bad handshake?

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder Writer

 A cover letter serves a specific purpose in the hiring process. While potential employers can turn to your résumé to see your work experience, a cover letter is an introduction to who you are and why the company should invite you in for an interview.

 Handshakes are another form of introduction, so think of your cover letter as handshake. While you may think you’re offering a warm handshake, your cover letter actually could be strong-arming you out of a job. Take this quiz to find out what type of handshake your cover letter is most associated with and the impression it’s giving to potential employers:

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8 of the best jobs in finance

A business can’t function without somebody managing its money, and that need has created a variety of roles in finance. From finding ways to efficiently use funds, to ensuring that the business’ finances are legally organized, there are more ways than ever before to manage a company’s assets.

 If you’re interested in a career in finance, check out eight of the best jobs in the field. These jobs have a median annual pay of $60,000-plus and are projected to grow as fast as or faster than the average for all occupations through 2020.

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It’s time to change your job-search strategy if …

There are a variety of reasons why your job search may not be yielding results, such as the recovering economy or where you live, but it may also be because of you. You may have an updated résumé and applied for hundreds of jobs, but could you be the reason your job search is stalling?

 Consider this your intervention. It’s time to change your job search strategy if:

 You’re treating every job listing the same

Not all companies are looking for the same application. “The biggest mistake is thinking this is a numbers game. It isn’t. It is a care game,” says Marcia LaReau, president of career-services company Forward Motion LLC. “Understand the company, their needs, the position, the industry and their hiring processes. Every application should be clearly customized. Not doing this is a quick trip to the black hole. The time it takes to turn out a fine, well-crafted application is two to eight hours.” If you believe you’re the right person for this job, take the time and make the effort to prove it.

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Should you ramp up your job search now or wait until 2013?

During a sports game, no matter how a team is faring, its players rely on their coach to share a plan for winning the game. The same is true when it comes to your job search. Whether you’ve been making progress or you’re in a rut, it’s up to you — the coach — to determine your next move.

 At this point in the year, you have two options in your playbook: ramp up your job search or take time off until 2013. Both moves have their payoffs, but only you know what’s right for Team You.

 2012 game plan

If you’re not ready to call a timeout just yet, choose from several power plays that’ll help you make progress throughout the rest of the year.

 CareerBuilder’s midyear job forecast surveyed more than 2,000 hiring managers and human-resource professionals across industries and company sizes about hiring plans for the latter half of 2012. According to the forecast, there are a number of functional areas for which businesses are planning to hire, so they may be good positions to focus on during your search. These areas include:

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5 classic interview questions updated for today’s job search

How common questions have evolved and how to answer them

Going into a job interview, you know the standard questions to expect. “What is your biggest weakness?” “What interests you about this position?” and “Why do you think you’d be a fit for this role?” often rise to the top of the common interview questions list.

While these queries are important to today’s hiring managers and recruiters, many employers are updating their customary questions to include ones that refer to new trends, address the current economic situation or gauge a candidate’s commitment to the company and position in question.

Here are five questions that job seekers may be asked in today’s job hunt and what they should address when responding:

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