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Tag: Networking

The Skills You Need for the Jobs of the Future

Matt Tarpey, CareerBuilder writer

Technology advancements have been changing the way humans work and live since the dawn of humanity, but lately it seems like it’s advancing faster than ever. So how can you make sure you don’t get left in the dust? These are the hard and soft skills you’ll need if you want to make it in the future workforce.

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People you should talk to about your career

Deanna Hartley, CareerBuilder writer

Many of today’s youth watch their favourite celebrities or professional athletes on TV and think, “I want to do that when I grow up.” And while there are a select few who may go on to achieve fame and fortune, the vast majority need a reality check — and some help from those around them.

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What Your Elevator Pitch Should be Based on Medium

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

Do you have an “elevator pitch”? An elevator pitch is the 30- or 60-second speech that summarises who you are, what you do and what makes you unique. Whether you realise it or not, you are probably already using some form of an elevator pitch in your everyday life — from the answer you give when someone asks, “What do you do?” or “Tell me about yourself” to the short summary you provide on Facebook, to the opening paragraph of your cover letter. But a truly thought-out, well-crafted elevator pitch can set you apart from other job applicants and grab the attention of hiring managers.

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Informational Interviews: The What, Why and How

Amy McDonnell, CareerBuilder writer

Informational interviews: They’re pretty much the opposite of that Kanye-Taylor phone exchange. And nothing like when Britney was asked about Taylor (and forgot she had met her twice). And they don’t even closely resemble this awkward “interview” with Tom Hiddleston… about Taylor Swift.

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‘Career Advice I’d Give to My Younger Self’

Unless you can invent a time-traveling machine or become Jennifer Garner’s character in “13 Going on 30,” you may never get a second chance to go back in time and re-do or undo parts of your life you wish you could change. Fortunately for you, we asked real-life seasoned professionals to spill secrets and offer up advice they would give to their younger job-seeking selves.

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