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Why Employers Are Approaching the Salary Issue All Wrong

Steve Browne, HR professional and CareerBuilder contributor

These days, the majority of the job search process is transparent. Companies go out of their way to make job postings attractive so that they will be considered over others. However, there is one topic that both employers and candidates avoid: salaries.

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Stop Doing These 4 Things If You Want Great Talent

Laurie Ruettimann, HR pro, speaker and CareerBuilder contributor

You’re not the only one burned out by the war for talent. Across the world, talent acquisition leaders are fed up with arrogant applicants, dilapidated recruiting technology and hesitant hiring managers with unrealistic candidate expectations.

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3 Reasons Your Company Needs Job Postings in 2016

Amy McDonnell, CareerBuilder writer

There are a lot of things you may not actually need this year. But when it comes to your recruitment plans, you’d be remiss to leave job postings out of the mix. Job postings aren’t just a reliable staple for finding candidates – they’re an essential and growing part of the job search for people actively or passively looking for a new job right this minute.

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