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10 Things Your Co-workers do That Make You Want to Quit

Deanna Hartley, CareerBuilder writer

Working day in and day out with the same co-workers is sort of like living with roommates — you share the same space for hours at a time and, unless you’re one of the Real Housewives, you try to create a conflict-free zone that breeds mutual respect and requires compromising.

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5 Types of Problem Co-Workers and How to (Almost) Deal With Them

Elana Lyn Gross, Career Contessa contributor

It’s inevitable – at almost any workplace you will run into “problem” co-workers. Some of these types of problematic co-workers include the negative co-worker, the overly competitive co-worker, the gossip, the bully and the person who pushes off work. Hopefully, your office doesn’t have too many of these types of people, but if it does, here’s how to (almost) deal with working alongside them.

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7 Reasons Your Co-workers Don’t Like You – and How to Fix It

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

When it comes to your job, you’re like a competitor on a reality TV show: You didn’t come here to make friends. You came here to win. (And by “win,” you mean do your job, get your paycheck and get home to finish binge-watching “Making a Murderer.”)

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