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What Will Employers Find Online When They Search Your Name?

If your current boss, or the hiring manager at your target employer, were to do an internet search on your name right now what would she find? Facebook photos of you donning a controversial Halloween costume or chugging a beer? A slew of information about dozens of other people with the same name as you? Or maybe she wouldn’t find anything at all because there’s little to no evidence online that you even exist.

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If You Can’t Have the Job You Love, Love the Job You Have

Often, when people are feeling unsatisfied in their careers, they automatically think the solution is to look for another job or make a career change. However, instead of a new job, what you might really need is an adjustment in attitude towards your current situation.

“If you’re jumping from job to job for the same reasons — they don’t appreciate you, the boss is mean, no one ever listens to you, etc. — then guess what? The problem isn’t the job, it’s most likely your attitude,” says Noelle Nelson, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the author of “The Power of Appreciation in Business.”

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