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Category: Workplace Issues

Advice for dealing with workplace issues.

7 Reasons Your Co-workers Don’t Like You – and How to Fix It

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

When it comes to your job, you’re like a competitor on a reality TV show: You didn’t come here to make friends. You came here to win. (And by “win,” you mean do your job, get your paycheck and get home to finish binge-watching “Making a Murderer.”)

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Help your Staff Hit the Ground Running Post Vacation

It’s important for employees to take vacations because these breaks allow staff to recharge both physically and emotionally, disconnect from day-to-day concerns, and return to work rested and refreshed. In fact, more than half of executives polled by our company said workers are more productive after a vacation than before one.

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If You Can’t Have the Job You Love, Love the Job You Have

Often, when people are feeling unsatisfied in their careers, they automatically think the solution is to look for another job or make a career change. However, instead of a new job, what you might really need is an adjustment in attitude towards your current situation.

“If you’re jumping from job to job for the same reasons — they don’t appreciate you, the boss is mean, no one ever listens to you, etc. — then guess what? The problem isn’t the job, it’s most likely your attitude,” says Noelle Nelson, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the author of “The Power of Appreciation in Business.”

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Are Cool Workplace Perks Always Worth It?

Fresh fruit and healthy snacks delivered every morning. Ample time off to vacation in exotic places. Weekly sessions with a personal trainer and a massage therapist. Perks like these may be readily associated with the celebrity lifestyle, but for many information technology professionals, they’re the kinds of benefits that now often come with the job.

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An Emergency Strikes at the Office: Are You Prepared?

It’s common to feel some level of workplace anxiety every day. Are you going to finish that project on time? Will you get through the client presentation without messing up? Will your boss have critical feedback on the work you just submitted? With all of the things there is to worry about at the office already, the last thing you may be thinking about is your safety.

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