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The Rules of Online Networking for Your Job Search

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

As you’ve probably heard by now, professional networking is an essential skill — some might call it a “necessary evil” — that can help you further your career. The people you meet through networking can point you to your next career move, act as references for jobs you’re applying for and mentor you in ways you never thought possible.

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What is a Personal Brand — and Tips to Build Yours

Deanna Hartley, CareerBuilder writer

Congratulations — you’re a new or soon-to-be college graduate and you’re ready to conquer the working world. But before you can begin your conquest, you’ll need more than just a resume and cover letter to showcase yourself and demonstrate your competence to potential employers. You need to develop a personal brand.

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What Will Employers Find Online When They Search Your Name?

If your current boss, or the hiring manager at your target employer, were to do an internet search on your name right now what would she find? Facebook photos of you donning a controversial Halloween costume or chugging a beer? A slew of information about dozens of other people with the same name as you? Or maybe she wouldn’t find anything at all because there’s little to no evidence online that you even exist.

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4 Rules for a Stand-Out Resume

Your resume may be the first impression a potential employer will have of you, but in order to achieve that, it has to actually make an impression. Hiring managers see a lot of resumes, which means not only does yours need to have strong content and be presented clearly, but it also needs to be memorable and catch an employers’ eye.

Here are some rules for writing a resume that will stand out from the pack.

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How to Get Hired Based on Your Social Media Presence

Your application was submitted without a hitch. Your cover letter and CV were flawless. Your interview couldn’t have gone any better. Nothing should be standing in the way of getting hired, right?

While you may look like the perfect candidate on paper and in person, your online presence may be telling employers a different story, and that could cause them to pass you over for employment.

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How to get your creative career started

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder Writer

 Creative positions such as graphic designers, writers and Web designers may seem like unattainable dream jobs, but they are actually accessible. However, jumping into the creative professional world can seem intimidating.

 If you’re interested in pursuing a creative job but aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips to help you get organized and begin your search:

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7 Tips for Networking Via Social Media

Facebook is great for staying in touch with friends, sharing funny cat videos or seeing what a former romantic interest is up to…but can it help you get a job? Absolutely. Social media websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are great platforms for networking and keeping up with industry trends.

Ashley Jones, owner of Skylight Creative Group, a marketing, graphic design and photography company, says, “The benefits can be huge. Although time consuming, if you do it correctly, you can gain lots of attention, fans, followers and clients. I’ve done a lot of networking through social media for myself personally, my two companies and also helping other companies through their startup/launch process.”

Here are Jones’ top seven tips for networking via social media:

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