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Category: Management Issues

The ‘Dream Team’ of TV Employees

Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder writer

Do you ever watch one of your favourite TV shows and wish your employees showed as much leadership, dedication or innovative thinking as some of the characters on those shows? Sure, those characters aren’t always the most realistic portrayals of the roles they depict, but what if you could assemble them to make up one super-sized team of employees?

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Put an End to Bad Boss Behaviour

Not all bosses are horrible, but many bosses have horrible moments. Times when their budgets have gotten out of control, their staff is acting irresponsibly or projects have gone off track. Some bosses are better at holding in their anger or frustration, but others can act like loose cannons and fire off rants and tirades at the slightest problem. This management style can become especially burdensome when it turns commonplace at work. Soon employees began to imitate this negativity or censor their ideas. 

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