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How to Talk About Transferable Skills

Matt Tarpey, CareerBuilder writer

Very few career paths are straight lines. They often involve pivots, lateral moves and sometimes even jumps to entirely new industries. Transferable skills – the abilities and experience that may not relate directly to a new position, but that will still prove beneficial to your success – are key to landing any new job, particularly if you’re looking to alter your career trajectory.

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Informational Interviews: The What, Why and How

Amy McDonnell, CareerBuilder writer

Informational interviews: They’re pretty much the opposite of that Kanye-Taylor phone exchange. And nothing like when Britney was asked about Taylor (and forgot she had met her twice). And they don’t even closely resemble this awkward “interview” with Tom Hiddleston… about Taylor Swift.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Following Up After a Job Interview

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

“Don’t call us. We’ll call you.” This used to be the standard send-off to job candidates as they left the interview. In today’s competitive landscape, however, waiting around to hear from the employer might mean losing out on a job interview. Now is it not only perfectly acceptable for job candidates to follow up with an employer after a job interview, it can even be advantageous.

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What to Know About a Company Before Your Job Interview

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder writer

As a job seeker, you’re often told how essential it is that you research the company before a job interview. But what exactly should you be looking for? Here are five things you should know about a company before you arrive for the interview.

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What Your Body Language is Saying About You in Your Interview

Tanya Kertsman, Career Contessa Contributor

Everyone has physical habits they rarely notice. In an interview setting, these nervous ticks offer a physical outlet for the stress you’re under. But they come at a price. Rather than focusing on what you’re saying or the experience you’d bring, the hiring manager’s attention turns to your nail-biting or hair-twirling. The scariest part? You may not even realise you’re doing it.

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What to Wear for Different Job Interviews Based on the Company

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

Of all the pressing questions that plague us prior to a job interview (“Will I have the right qualifications? What if I botch an interview question? How do I pronounce the company’s name?”), it seems silly that “What should I wear?” would be one of them. After all, what do clothes have to do with your ability to do the job in question?

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Do Your Homework: Think Beyond the Typical Interview Questions

Rob Zaldivar, CareerBuilder writer

It should go without saying that recruiters and hiring managers prefer to speak with a job seeker who can hold a two-way conversation. When the discussion becomes uneven, and you find yourself talking way too much about your cats, it’s time to bring the conversation back by asking your interviewer thoughtful, relevant questions.

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