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7 Incredible Employee Perks That Really Exist

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer

Ever have one of those days at the office where all you want to do is sit back and crack open an ice cold beer…but it’s only 2 p.m.? At some companies, you can totally do that. From free alcohol to on-site massages, the following perks give your standard benefits package a run for its money. Check out seven of the most incredible employee perks that actually exist in today’s workplace.

1. Happy hour — at any hour

Drinking on the job isn’t only allowed at some companies, it’s encouraged – in moderation, of course. Whether it’s holding “Whiskey Fridays,” providing beer vending machines on-site, or simply giving employees 24/7 access to fully stocked bars, companies of all sizes and industries are using alcohol as an incentive to work long hours and come into the office (as opposed to telecommuting). Not only do employees appreciate the chance to kick back with a cold one during the day, employers have found that letting employees socialise over beer results in team-bonding and spurs new ideas.

2. Nap time

Ever fallen asleep on the job (or come close to it)? Arianna Huffington understands. The president of The Huffington Post might be the most outspoken advocate for napping at work. She’s not alone, however: Google, Zappos, Uber and PwC are also amongst the growing list of companies that accommodate employees who want to catch up on their zzz’s during the workday.

3. Egg-freezing

Not long ago, Facebook and Apple made headlines when they announced they would start offering egg-freezing benefits as a way to attract recruit female employees. Recently, music streaming service company Spotify began offering egg freezing and fertility assistance as well.

4. Paid sabbaticals

Paid sabbaticals aren’t just for college professors any more. At financial advisory company Deloitte, employees can choose from partially paid three- to six-month sabbaticals to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities or an unpaid one-month leave to go and do whatever they want. Genentech employees who have worked for the company for six years get a six week paid sabbatical, while The Container Store, REI and Baker Donelson are just a few more on the growing list of companies offering this remarkable benefit.

5. Concierge services

Who couldn’t use a personal assistant these days? At some companies, employees get the next best thing. SC Johnson & Son, Accenture, Hyatt Hotels and Nordstrom are just a few of the companies that provide concierge services to save employees time and help them juggle work and personal lives. Services vary by company, but range from dry cleaning to travel planning.

6. On-site massages

Several companies offer on-site massages as a way to reward employees and help them recharge after a long workday. And while a massage may seem like a frivolous perk, companies see it as an investment in employees’ health, helping to relieve stress and back pain (which can come from long periods of sitting at a desk) – and the bottom line. Healthier workers are, after all, happier workers and more productive workers.

7. Puppies!

Allowing employees to bring their pets to work not only frees them of the burden of finding pet-sitters and dog-walkers (and the guilt of leaving them home alone), it also adds an element of fun to the office. It may come as no surprise that companies like Nestle Purina PetCare have pet-friendly offices (after all, animals are their business), but companies of all industries and sizes say yes to pets at the office.

These are just a few of the ways employers are getting creative in order to stand out from their competitors and attract and retain high performing employees. See something that appeals to you? Check out the jobs available at, where you can search by company to find the one that offers the perks that appeal to you.

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