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Employer Advice: 4 Ways to Save on Recruitment Costs

How do job seekers feel about your organization’s application process? A new study from suggests that a subpar application process could be scaring away top candidates – and even hurting your organization’s bottom line.

So, how can you keep job seekers interested without breaking the bank? Here are 4 tips:

Focus on a positive applicant experience

Retooling your application process may seem costly, but in the long term it can yield serious advantages. According to the study 23 per cent of workers who have a bad experience applying for a job are likely to post about it online. What’s more, 38 per cent said they would likely stop purchasing from a company after having a bad application experience, and 33 per cent are less likely to purchase from a company that didn’t respond to their job application.

Take advantage of Big Data

Just 20 per cent of Canadian employers use data analytics to plan their recruitment strategies. This means you can gain an immediate advantage over the competition by incorporating data analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s recruitment, make smarter recruiting decisions, and cut down on the cost and time it takes to fill openings.

Embrace mobile

The ability to search and apply for jobs on mobile devices is one of the issues on which employers and job seekers don’t quite see eye to eye. More than half (55 per cent) of job seekers say they expect to be able to apply to jobs via their mobile device, and 33 per cent say not offering any mobile apply option is a turnoff. Yet only 39 per cent of Canadian employers make their application process available to job seekers via mobile apps. Thirty-six per cent don’t even offer the option to search for jobs on a mobile device.

Always be recruiting

Talent acquisition is taking a larger role at many companies, which means the war for talent is constantly raging – whether you currently have openings or not.  Employers need to look at the long-term big picture when it come to recruiting, not just the here-and-now.

Continuous recruitment and talent pipelines are two effective long-term strategies. In a separate study from CareerBuilder, 65 per cent of employers reported that year-round recruiting shortened their time to hire and 54 per cent saw decreased cost per hire. Similarly, creating a talent pipeline from which you can call upon a pool of potential job candidates means less time combing through unqualified candidates.

Still, only 43 per cent of employers say they continuously recruit for potential future openings, and just 42 per cent have set up talent pipelines. Get a jump on the competition by establishing your long-term recruitment strategies.

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Matt Tarpey writes career advice and workplace interest articles for CareerBuilder.

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