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Sick of Sitting All Day? The Best High-Paying Non-Desk jobs

Greater levels of movement in the workforce—people leaving old jobs and taking new jobs, or churn—are a good indicator of how confidently an economy is acting. The 2015 economy is still working to recover, but more growth in high-paying jobs (especially non-desk occupations) is good news for the workforce and gives workers more options and opportunities.

In all, there are many occupations that pay $15 per hour or more on average, do not require a four-year degree for a typical entry-level position and are projected to grow 3-12% over the next 5 years, according to a new CareerBuilder report based on data analysis by Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., CareerBuilder’s labor market data arm that pulls from more than 90 government and private resources.


Here are the top-paying non-desk occupations in various categories, giving staffing and recruiting firms plenty of positions to point to when candidates reach out for growing, high-paying positions that will make a big impact on their career, either in temporary or permanent roles.

Median Hourly Earnings 2015-2020 Job Growth
Health Care Occupations
Dental Hygienists $36.03 6.1%
Registered Nurses $35.59 5.1%
Occupational Therapy Assistants $26.86 10.4%
Construction & Extraction Occupations
Elevator Constructors and Mechanics $36.16 3.6%
Construction Estimators $29.97 5.9%
Rotary Drill Operators, Oil and Gas $28.61 7.6%
Installation & Maintenance Occupations
Public Works Maintenance Operators $22.47 9.4%
Waterworks and Gas Maintenance $27.84 8%
Telecommunications Installer $25.32 9.2%
Architecture & Engineering Occupations
Mechanical Engineering Technicians $29.58 6.4%
Industrial Engineering Technicians $25.22 6.6%
Architects $32.64 7.5%
Miscellaneous Non-Desk Occupations
Plumbers $25.87 5.6%
Sport and Fitness Directors $26.56 11.8%
Chef $15.35 7.3%

*Average hourly earnings, and projections taken from EMSI Data Analyst, Canada – a CareerBuilder company.

EMSI.jpgAbout EMSI

Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., a CareerBuilder company, turns labor market data into useful information that helps organizations understand the connection between economies, people, and work. Using sound economic principles and good data, EMSI builds user-friendly services that help educational institutions, workforce planners, and regional developers build a better workforce and improve the economic conditions in their regions. For more information, visit


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