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Study: Majority of Companies Plan to Hire New College Graduates This Year

For all of the celebrations around graduation season, it can also be a stressful time for college seniors, as many prepare to enter the workforce for the very first time. While this year’s class will have ample job prospects, many may find a toughrt transition to the working world than others.

According to a new survey from, 62 per cent of companies plan to hire recent college graduates this year; however, only 1 in 5 employers (19 per cent) believe academic institutions are adequately preparing students for roles needed within their organizations.

Which soft skills to employers need most?

New graduates should emphasize their soft skills in addition to their technical skills when looking for a job. The top skills employers believe recent college graduates lack are the following:

  • Interpersonal or people skills: 51 per cent
  • Problem-solving skills: 45 per cent
  • Teamwork: 41 per cent
  • Oral communication: 40 per cent
  • Creative thinking: 38 per cent

Which degrees are most in demand?

When it comes to which degrees will lead to the most job prospects, business degrees top the list, with 31 per cent of employers naming it the most in-demand degree at their firms. Computer and information sciences degrees are also in high demand (20 per cent), followed by health professions and related clinical sciences (12 per cent) and engineering (12 per cent).

Where are the opportunities?

Customer service (33 per cent) and information technology jobs (30 percent) top the list of position types employers are primarily looking toward new graduates to fill. Opportunities also abound in finance/accounting (24 per cent) and business development (23 per cent). Sales, marketing and public relations (17 per cent each) round out the top five job types.

What will these jobs pay?

When it comes to compensation, this year’s graduates will have better prospects than last year. More than one third of employers (35 per cent) who plan to hire recent college graduates will offer higher starting salaries than they did last year. Nearly half of employers (47 per cent) will offer starting salaries of $40,000 or higher, and the majority (68 per cent) are willing to negotiate starting salaries.

Want to know more? Get the full survey results here.

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