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6 Jobs for Introverted Personalities

When it comes to personality types, introverts may be one of the most misunderstood. Their quiet disposition can sometimes be mistaken for a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of interest or even rudeness.

In reality, introverts get as excited as anyone about things that interest them – they just have different ways of showing it. Ultimately the biggest factor in finding the ideal job for anyone – introvert or extrovert – should be passion.

That said, some jobs do lend themselves more readily to introverted personalities. Here are six to consider:

1. Writers and authors

By its very nature, writing is a solitary task. Whether generating advertising copy in a downtown high rise or crafting a novel in an empty mountain hotel, writers require plenty of alone time to organize their thoughts and ideas on the page. One of the beauties of writing is that you can do it anywhere, and with the ease of electronic communication, writers often enjoy a high degree of control over how much social interaction they get day-to-day.

*Pay: $58,406 average annual earnings.

2. Archivists

If you’re an introvert with a passion for art or history, it doesn’t get much better than being an archivist. Archivists appraise, edit and maintain permanent records and historically valuable documents. They typically work in museums, colleges and universities and similar institutions; in other words, big, quiet, private rooms full of interesting reading material. What’s not to love?

*Pay: $51,916 average annual earnings.

3. Court reporters

Introverts may not always have much to say, but they typically make for great listeners. And while introverts may actively avoid getting involved in social drama, that doesn’t mean they don’t find it interesting. Court reporters literally get a front row seat at trials, depositions, administrative hearings and other legal proceedings.

*Pay: $44,907 average annual earnings.

4. Film/video editors

One might reasonably assume that everyone who works in show business is extroverted, but that’s far from the case. Film and video editors work independently or in small groups. They are a crucial element to any production – from major blockbusters to the local news – without being in the spotlight.

*Pay: $53,248 average annual earnings.

5. Postal service mail carriers

Just because you enjoy keeping to yourself and limited social interaction doesn’t mean you have to be physically hidden away from the outside world. Mail carriers spend the bulk of their day out and about while still working on their own.

*Pay: $68,452 average annual earnings.

6. Web developers

Much like writing, creating and managing a website requires a lot of independent work. Web developers typically meet with their clients or company early on in the process to go over goals and expectations, but apart from big-picture guidelines, Web developers enjoy the type of autonomy that many introverts crave.

*Pay: $53,040 average annual earnings.

* Canadian Job information, including pay, from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., a CareerBuilder company.

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