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Nearly Half of Workers Feel Bullied On the Job

From the playground to the classroom, bullies are everywhere – even the workplace. A new study from reveals that 45 per cent of Canadians feel they have been bullied in the workplace, with bosses being the most frequent tormentors.

Of those who have been bullied, more than a quarter (26 per cent) have left a job because they felt bullied, yet the same number say they feel bullied in their current position.

When asked how they felt bullied, participants gave the following responses:

  • They were falsely accused of making mistakes: 54%
  • The boss or co-workers constantly criticized them: 51%
  • Different standards or policies applied to them that didn’t apply to others: 35%
  • They were the topic of office gossip: 35%
  • Co-workers made belittling comments about them during meetings: 32%
  • The boss yelled at them in front of other co-workers: 24%
  • Others purposely excluded them from projects or meetings: 21%
  • Others picked on them for personal attributes (e.g. race, gender, appearance): 16%
  • Someone stole credit for their work: 15%

Learn more about the survey here.

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